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Founded in 1987, Flessofab is a Supplier of Innovative Flexible Packaging solutions either Flexo or Rotogravure printing technology.

Flessofab offers high tech solutions to pack food and no-food products. These solutions are able to contain, protect, preserve and promote the packed items.

Flessofab’s aim is to be a reliable and strategic Partner in flexible packaging solutions for its clients.


listening to our customers to translate their needs into new packaging solutions.


producing innovative, high tech e tailor-made flexible packaging.


client satisfaction, innovation, respect for the future generations, continuous improvement are the values that characterised our company during its daily working.


Flessofab put a particular effort to respect and preserve the Environment for the current and future generations.
This effort takes concrete actions through:

  • Research projects for bio-plastic products such as PLA and Cellophane totally recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Installation of a Photovoltaic internal system generating 400 KW/h as energy to be used in our entire production process.
  • Reducing of production wastes through recycling, re-using or safety disposal.
  • Usage of wasted ink solvents in our cogeneration system.